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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 15, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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is that a smart thing to do politically? we'll hear both sides. >> if you want me, you got to help me pass this bill! >> bill: new polls saying many americans want some kind of jobs bill passed but are the polls accurate? miss laura ingraham has some doubts. >> we weren't greeted as liberators. we were greeted in a way that was tented active. -- tentative. you saw the statue came down, you know how many people were out there. >> do you know how many people were there? >> bill: yes, i do. liz cheney enters a no spin zone because he had a great time, at least i did your other co-author, i don't see. he's not here! you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly.
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thanks for watching us tonight. the road to hell paved with good intentions. that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo. america would be a stronger country if we had green energy. if we could get away from the fossil fuel, the air would be cleaner and we'd be lest reliant on opec and a brand new industry would create millions of green jobs. even folks in the oil business would want it, as they say in texas. problem is it doesn't exist on a mass level and the obama administration has wasted biions of dollars of trying to create green jobs. we've reporting on this solyndra scandal whereby a solar company in california received $527 million in federal loans and now has gone bankrupt. but here's something even worse, the department of energy reporting that nearly $20 billion in loan guarantees have been extended to a variety of green companies. total permanent job creation -- wait for it. 3,545. that averages out to more than
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$5 million for every new permanent green job. unbelievable. in reply, the obama administration says thousands of temporary jobs have been created and defends the loans. >> we never thought and the department of energy never thought that every investment would succeed. but that is not a reason to simply throw up your hands and say never mind, let's let the chinese own this industry. >> here's the problem, with mr. carney's analysis, the united states is broke. we don't have billions of dollars to speculate on green products. china doesn't have entitlements to pay. they can pour alternative money it wants to research and development because it doesn't care how their citizens are doing. right now, america owes more than $14 trillion. more than a trillion of that to the chinese so again, we don't have money to burn, to speculate! there's no question, the obama administration has spent lavishly and run up record debt in doing so. that has to stop! if we have to live with fossil
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fuel for about a decade or so, we'll have to live with it! i love green energy. but it is not ready for primetime. the president should wise up. and now for the top story tonight. more controversy generated by texas governor rick perry speaking at liberty university in virginia yesterday, mr. perry said this. >> america is going to be guided by some set of values. the question is going to be, whose values? and i would suggest most of the people in this audience believe that those christian values that this country was based upon. >> bill: wow! obviously, mr. perry promoting christian values in a very secular time and that's causing some angst. but is it smart politically? joining us now from atlanta, ralph reed, chairman of the faith coalition and author of the now ballots and blood. here in the studio, kathy rue, contributing editor for "the washington post" magazine. was that a smart political move?
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>> for the short term, yes. evangelicals and born agains are the ones that come out to the primaries and 50% of the voters. so for the short term, yes, pandering to this group is the way to go. >> bill: pandering is a loaded word! loaded word is pandering. if he believes, it it's not pandering. >> doesn't believe it. we don't know if he believes it. >> bill: his history is he's a very spiritual guy and always does this kind of spin, you know that, come on. >> his history is he's a politician. maybe this is what it's taken. >> bill: do you believe using the word pandering was fair? >> i do. i do. i do. >> bill: ok. you say it's smart because in the primary process, conservative christians make a big difference but in the long run, it will alienate independents? >> right now, there are about 50% to 60% of the vote. the voters that have come out for the primaries are evangelicals and born agains. when you come to the bigger elections, the independents will count and you won't have them singing this tune. >> bill: for a primary play in
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iowa and maybe south carolina, other conservative states, this is a good political move by the governor. if he gets a nomination, he's going to be demonized as one of these right wing guys that's going to intrude with christian values above everything else. you know the game. they did it with j.f.k. and they did it, going on from there. was it smart politically? >> i think it was very smart. and beyond that, bill, i think if you look at the text of his remarks, at liberty university, it's a statement of genuine authenticity. he's clearly speaking from his heart. he wasn't attacking anybody else's faith. he wasn't denigrating anybody else. it was a very positive, spiritual expression of his own faith journey and by finding faith in god through christ, how he was able to find meaning and direction with his life. >> bill: let me challenge that. >> bill, that can't be assailed by an opponent or special
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interest group. >> bill: i happened to agree with you. i think he's insecure but you may know this. i'm a catholic, catholic guy and i believe, you know, fundamentally you believe in the way that governor perry believes. however, however. by telling the entire country that christian values are how the country should be run, you are kind of narrowing it down. now, the christian guys are going to go, yeah, we like that. but other people who aren't christian might say i don't want to be excluded from this. he's the president of the united states. he should represent everybody. >> i wouldn't really agree with that or disagree. number one, the independent who's are going to represent one out of every five voters, they're going to vote based on the economy and jobs. >> bill: let's do -- >> they're not going to be going to the polls. >> bill: it's more than 1 out of 5. that may be true. let's keep it to our question area. is it right to exclude nonchristians from a presidency?
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>> he didn't do that. >> bill: but he said the values that i -- >> no. >> bill: they're going to be christian values. >> well, i think that what he was saying is there are going to be values. it's only a question of what values? are we going to owner the sanctity of life and marriage? are we going to take care of the least and lost, doing it away through purity and compassion rather than top down government management. by the way, this isn't just about the primaries and it isn't just about the nomination. in november of last year, 32% of all voters who shadowed dark in the threshold of the voting booth in this country were either professing evangelicals or devout roman catholics and they voted 78% republican. this isn't just about the primaries. it's also making sure they turn out in the general. >> bill: all right. now, you would probably agree that governor perry's statement does exclude people who don't believe in christianity.
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correct? >> obviously. yes. >> bill: isn't it true that we should be electing a leader who we believe are going to promote the belief systems that we, as individuals, think is best for the country. so i want him to be up top about it as long as he doesn't force me. >> this is a man who was i go morning the other issues. he didn't talk about social security. >> bill: there's plenty of time for him to do that. >> i think he ignored the issues that he purposely wanted to talk about. his faith journey was perfect for this time because it's a short-term goal to try to appeal to these voters. i don't think he's going to be talking about his faith journey. >> bill: not just mr. perry but if anybody is talking about their personal faith, would that exclude you from voting for them? >> i believe in separation of church and state. >> bill: don't you want to know who the person is? >> not when it comes to their religion. >> bill: you don't want to know.
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>> no, it doesn't matter. >> bill: if they're wicked you don't care. >> no. >> bill: next on the rundown, laura ingraham will weigh in and analyze some polls saying most americans support president obama's jobs and a woman given no jail time at all for killing her baby. coming right there. i have copd. if you have it, you know how hard it can be to breathe and what that fes like
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>> bill: miss laura listening to the debate about governor perry and his christian values comment. she is the author and big bestseller and joins us now from washington and you say smart political move? >> i think ralph reed is exactly right. this is a primary and rick perry is not known to the rest of the country. he's just getting known now. and i think he had to lay down his marker. these are the values that informs his decisions and this is how he looks at the world. and look, people are going to be criticizing him and he's going to be under the microscope for many weeks as long as he's a frontrunner for, you know, how well he did in school and whether he's smart enough. whether it's up to the task and at least on the right and left, trying to portray the governor as kind of a male christine o'donnell. not smart enough for the task. maybe a little odd, maybe a little loopy. and he gets up there at liberty university and he says this is who i am. this is my journey. this is what i believe. and i can tell you some reaction
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at my radio show tonight which is a broad base of people from different doe unanimously nations and different faith backgrounds, people love it. they connect with it. >> bill: the people who agree with him like ralph reed and people who are, you know, believe that the country should get back to the judeo christian tradition, of course they're going to like it. i think there might be something else in play here. i could be wrong about this. i think the governor is separating himself a little from mitt romney. >> absolutely. >> bill: he has the mormon thing going on. >> absolutely. >> bill: here i am, i'm pure christian. look at this guy over here. he'd never say it. romney would never say -- i mean, perry didn't say that. that subtext was in there. >> well, the last time romney really gave him an address was on 2007 and it was very -- it was very well watched and highly anticipated. i think he wants to try to stay away from that issue. and meanwhile, you got the governor of texas saying this is who i am. i went to texas a&m.
5:14 pm
i didn't do so well. i found myself. i was in the military, this is the values i have. i think it does put that issue out there and i think both of them have their positives and their flaws and i think this has become part of the conversation. i think overall in a primary, it was a really good -- >> bill: might come back to haunt him a little. >> i don't think so. not with the economy. i think it looks honest, and i think that's good. >> bill: let's put up the cnn poll here. the question do you favor or oppose president obama's jobs plan? pretty simple question. favor, 43%. oppose, 35%. no opinion, 22%. >> 22%. who are those 22%? don't you wonder about those people? >> bill: no, i know who they are. they're watching "jersey shore" and whoever they're dancing with. >> exactly. >> bill: and i'm not being super silly here, miss laura. i'm not looking down on people who choose not to be informed. you're right as an american to be as dumb as you want. >> look, 45%, o'reilly. that's basically obama's base
5:15 pm
now. right? that's the -- >> bill: 43%, yeah. >> same percentage of people who support him in the latest, i believe, the bloomberg poll. his approval rating went down. >> bill: so the question -- president obama's jobs plan help lower the unemployment rate? will help, 40%. will not help 51%. >> exactly. yeah, so that's obviously a bit of a difference. differently worded question. >> bill: yes. >> the thing about the 45%, 43%, that's kind of his -- the people who will definitely vote for him anyway, right? that's about his approval rating now, 45% is all time low. i think the more people that are starting to look at this plan, remember, we still don't have the nitty-gritty of it. it's like coming on monday, i think, or next monday. i've lost track but when we look at the nitty-gritty of this plan, today "the washington post" points out that the taxes when you add them all together could be an increase now, bill, of $800 billion in new taxes. that's a lot more than we've done before. >> bill: we did the tax thing
5:16 pm
last night on the factor. >> it was excellent! >> bill: it's crazy. we're at crazy times now. >> yeah. the more we hear about that, the less popular he's going to get. right now, it's about where he is in his approval ratings. that's not all that surprising. >> bill: final question here. do you want to make a prediction on romney and the governor of texas, perry? i think it's going to be an interesting shootout. comes down to those two. if you're going to be honest about it. >> yeah. i have no -- i really don't know. i think perry could have done a little bit better in the last debate but look, that was the latest poll out of florida shows him ahead of every democrat graphic group except the elderly still having some trouble there. he has a lot of questions to answer and i think dick morris raised some good points last night. immigration bridged across to use an analogy that probably doesn't work and vaccine apparently we'll be talking about the hpv vaccine. 20 minutes of every debate. >> bill: that's going to die out. vaccine is going to die out. the immigration -- >> it, this should.
5:17 pm
he has questions to answer. i'm telling you, that speech was a smart move and it's going to be interesting to see mitt romney at the values voters summit, a summit about faith and moral issues. going to speak at that, he says. >> bill: thanks very much, as well. dick cheney will not come on "the factor" but his co-author and daughter liz cheney will. she'll be here after these messages. ♪ [ male announcer ] unlike some car companies, nissan is running at 100%, which means the most innovative cars are also the most available cars. nissan. innovation for today. innovation for all. ♪ i've got to tell susie ! the vending machine on elm is almost empty. i'm on it, boss. new pony ? sorry !
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>> segment tonight, dick cheney has written a new book with his daughter liz entitled "my time, a personal and political memoir." we have invited mr. cheney on the program but he has declined thus far but his daughter is a different story. so miss cheney is the co-author of the book. but your other co-author, i don't see him here. >> am i chopped liver?
5:21 pm
>> bill: no, we absolutely love you as a guest. but i have never talked to your father, the former vice president. i don't believe he likes me very much. and, you know, i'm a little perplexed. >> could be saving the best for last but i think the fact that i was able to find time in my schedule to be here ought to be something you should be grateful for. >> bill: i am very grateful. you know that. there are two big deficits from the bush-cheney administration. the first is the economy that went down the drain at the end. president bush and vice president cheney were taken by surprise because of all the subprime mortgages. my question to your father, why didn't you know about that? >> you know, i think actually, they spent a lot of time and they made efforts during the bush administration to reform fannie mae and freddie mac and their efforts were blocked by most of the democrats in congress. did come to a point it was clearly an economic crisis. >> bill: i still don't understand and i asked president bush this himself when i talked
5:22 pm
to him his book, why there wasn't a louder cry from the bush white house including your father about danger of selling these subprime mortgages all over the place? >> i think clearly the crisis was deeper than anybody anticipated or could have imagined. >> bill: they just didn't know how bad it was. that's the fair answer. >> no, and they took steps, but the steps were really important so that the economy didn't fall off the cliff. >> bill: the second one is the iraq war. you know i'm a supporter or was a supporter. >> i didn't know that. >> bill: it's true. i'm on the record of supporting the enhanced interrogations, the patriot act, guantanamo bay and, you know, consistently across the line. but as a historical record and the historical record is that americans were not aware of the big threat that al-qaida was posing. >> that is actually on al-qaida that before 9/11, we treated it like a law enforcement problem. >> bill: yes, clinton did and bush did. >> that's the difference that the president and the vice president, bush and cheney understood after 9/11, this is war! and we're at war.
5:23 pm
we have to do whatever it takes to keep the nation safe. >> bill: three days before the iraq war was launched, here's "meet the press." >> i think that's the bad side of iraq from the standpoint the iraqi people will be greeted -- >> bill: it actual the didn't happen. >> it actually did happen. liberators and then the bloody, dangerous insurgency began. it wasn't until 2006 to adopt a counter inursurgency strategy. >> bill: here's where you're wrong. we were greeted in a way that was tentative. >> it's not right. >> bill: do you know how many people were there when the statue came down? couple hundred. baghdad is a city of millions. couple of hundred and right after the statue came down, the armories were looted and terrorists went in and they took all of saddam hussein's arms,
5:24 pm
ok? >> i know how much -- >> bill: wasn't accepting that. >> i know how much you care about no spin. i think it's incredibly important here. saddam was an incredibly oppressive dictator and the iraq people were glad to see him go. saddam had in place, there were elements of his regime that stayed in place, elements from al-qaida, elements from iran who were there who were ready, who launched a very bloody insurgency. >> bill: correct. it was not anticipated by us. >> i think it was not anticipated by everyone. i think that's true. >> bill: it was not anticipated. >> when we removed saddam hussein, we made sure there wasn't going to be somebody in place who we knew had ties to terror, who we knew had weapons of mass destruction and we knew had used them before and we knew was supporting terrorists. we also, by the way, as soon as saddam was gone got a phone call from muammar qaddafi who didn't want to be next. gave us his nuclear weapons. i think the notion that we now have in the heart of the middle east, a democracy that's not
5:25 pm
supporting terrorists. it's not perfect. but it is a huge accomplishment of the bush administration that we liberated all those people and the people in afghanistan and it's wrong of you for to call it that. >> bill: in the sense that it could have been done in a different way. same result. >> which way? would have you talked to saddam? >> bill: no, i would have gone bush the other way, the president's father and i would have strangled them with a blockade. i would have no-fly zoned it as they would have done and then when the drones were developed -- >> you have to look at the reports that were done by the iraq survey group, for example, it was clear when we come came into office in 2000 that saddam was a threat. he had between the time of the first bush administration and this bush administration completely ignored 16 u.n. security council resolutions, that the sanctions regime was crumbling. so it's just not accurate to say he was in a box. we could have strangled him. and after 9/11, couldn't run the risk --
5:26 pm
that saddam was going to share technology about wmd. >> bill: i don't expect you and your father to agree with me, ok? but the treasury of the united states has spent in iraq has come back into our country in a very negative way. >> we need more time and i feel confident that i could convince you of my position. >> bill: thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> thank you. good to be here. >> bill: we are still hoping the vice president will reconsider. we plan to have him on the program, at least it would be fun for us. plenty more as "the factor" moves along this evening. a very disturbing story from kansas. and megyn kelly on a canadian woman receiving no prison time at all after killing, killing a newborn baby. we hope you stay tuned for those reports. the stronger the rapids, the more we loved it.
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>> bill: you may remember the controversy of late term abortion doctor who was murdered in a lutheran church by scott rotor who was sentenced to life in prison.
5:30 pm
liberal media was rightfully outraged that tiller was gunned down. no american should ever, ever be the tarpth of violence. but what tiller did in his late term abortion practice remains a legal issue. kansas medical authorities are now considering whether to revoke the license of tiller's associate, dr. ann christian newhouse because some of the things she allegedly did apparently violated the kansas law. here now to explain the culture wars, margaret hoover and gretchen carlson. carlson, why is the doctor losing her license? >> because in order to perform these late term abortions according to the law in 2003, you need a second opinion. she may have used mental health as a diagnosis that maybe wasn't a true diagnosis for these girls who were age -- >> bill: tiller was doing that. she had to back it up. >> she had to back it up. >> bill: correct me if i'm wrong on any of these facts, please. she was paid $300 per patient, correct? >> uh-huh. >> bill: to look at tiller's reasons for providing the late term abortions, the third
5:31 pm
trimester stuff, ok, vital baby. and some of them she said ok this is case number three for neuhaus to diagnose a 15-year-old girl who said she had mental depression because she couldn't bear not to be able to continue riding in a rodeo. >> that's the allegation. >> bill: that hasn't been disputed, has it? >> it hasn't been disputed but the bottom line is that according to the law in 2003, you could view mental health. you could not longer view that. >> bill: you're depressed because you can't ride in a rodeo. that means you can abort a fetus that's about to be born. >> well, the law in kansas very clearly says that if you have irreversible damage to a major -- you will suffer severe and irreversible damage, mental health is there and the law
5:32 pm
clearly stated if two doctors concede that you have some sort of mental health issue, so if -- >> bill: wait a minute. i know what the law says. >> everything she did was entirely legal. >> bill: that's your opinion. i think you'll be proven to be wrong. i think this woman's license is going to be revoked because you're backing up the mental health deal by saying the woman wanted to ride in a rodeo. here's another one. the woman spoke french and there's no record of a translator. she didn't speak english. wait! all right. these are all case laws. this is why the kansas medical authorities are actually hearing it. so i think this is what i said all along about tiller's practice. if you walk in there with the $5,000 needed to abort the late term baby, he was going to find a way to do the abortion. correct me if i'm wrong, they can't find any women that they denied. >> actually, that's not true. what they can find is that this doctor who was giving the second opinions did not rubber stamp in
5:33 pm
your words every single case. >> bill: deny anybody? >> yes, apparently to what you said was supposition and apparently there are cases on her side said she did not. >> bill: do we have any documents that say -- >> no, we don't. >> but the thing is -- >> bill: stop it right now! >> we have one on her behalf this week who said that she did not allow some of these 10 to 18-year-olds. >> bill: do we have any paperwork? >> we in our gathering of the information do not have paperwork because it's not included in this case. >> bill: has her defense put any paperwork out? >> a witness has said that, yes. >> bill: a witness is a witness. is there any paperwork? >> no paperwork. the way in which it was described is those claims are not in this case. >> bill: who is the witness? >> the witness is a close associate. guess what? we don't know, papers don't say anything about it either. >> bill: this isn't supposition. this is what the state of kansas put out. >> that not is what the state of kansas put out. >> bill: i have it right here. these are case files. >> that's what the former
5:34 pm
attorney general put out. >> bill: yes but these are case files. they're cited case files. so you're not being accurate and i don't like that. these are case files. that were put out by the state of kansas. >> right. >> bill: this is on paper. >> what -- just so everybody is clear. what we have is an anecdotal verbal testimony by an associate of the doctor's saying she did say no, you can't abort this fetus. that's what we have. you don't have any paper that says that. >> right. and if we had that paper, then -- >> bill: she would be exonerated. >> it would be a more fair and honest approach that she did not allow any 10 to 18-year-old is not true. >> what we do know is for the last decade there have been pro abortion and pro life forces over this and the latest, i don't want to use the word casualties in this fight. the reality is it was legal. everything she did appears to be legal. the standard of care and this is a deeply held religious and
5:35 pm
political view. >> bill: we'll see if she loses her license or not and we'll report and one more thing about this doctor, she's now doing laser therapy. correct? >> laser. in kansas. >> bill: that's why she's doing it? >> all right. we'll follow it. when we come back, megyn kelly on a canadian woman walking free after killing her newborn baby. and big shootout with keith ablow over chaz bono in "dancing with the stars." i don't know if i want to get in the middle of this one. just one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. with the strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health.
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getting an amazing discount on a hotel with travelocity's top secret hotels. [ gnome ] ahhh... [ male announcer ] the easy way to get unpublished discounts of up to 55% off top hotels. [ gnome ] your fingers are quite magical. >> bill: bill o'reilly and the megan fox appearance tonight. she had it out with dr. keith ablow about chaz bono appearing on "dancing with the stars." >> so much hate, there's so much hate out there. there's so much hate for lesbian
5:39 pm
and transgendered people. >> i would have spoke out against him. >> you know what, the thing is, doc, you seem to be adding to the hate because you know, you went out there and compared chaz bono to somebody who thinks he's a zebra and a farm animal. this person struggled mightily with a disorder that a lot of people have. >> i'd say with chaz bono if he asked me, if i'm a man, no, brother, you're not. >> bill: chaz bono, of course, was a woman and now had the operation as a man. do you really feel ablow who is a really good guy and you like him. >> yeah, i like ablow. >> bill: do you think he's a hater and trying to diminish chaz bono? >> i think what he wrote and posted on line. >> bill: tell the audience what he wrote. >> which is he put out a warning to parents that if they let their children watch chaz bono on "dancing with the stars", it could be dangerous to children because they might decide they're transgender, too, and he called it toxic and unnecessary to -- and tragic to "celebrate"
5:40 pm
chaz bono's transgendered status by putting him on "dancing with the stars" and letting your children watch it and he genuinely believes there's a risk that your otherwise healthy child could suddenly find themselves transgendered thinking they're in the wrong sex body after watching him on that show. >> bill: might it be that ablow thinks this would add to the confusion of teenagers in particular, particularly people -->> he seems to be arguing will provide a solution to them, the way he put it in his piece, girls can be sitting there thinking maybe i'm not a tomboy. i'm just a boy. now, it's one thing, if he's got some scientific evidence to back that up but he doesn't. there is no scientific evidence to back that up and in fact, as i pointed out to him, the head of the american psychiatric association says "there's no evidence that viewing a television game show with a transgendered contestant would induce gender identity disorder in young people and the experts
5:41 pm
in this field say it's way off base. >> bill: i don't think ablow wants people to persecute chaz bono. >> i agree with you. i don't think that he's a wroba guy. that doesn't mean his words won't lead to that. what he did with respect to keith was irresponsible and dangerous and could result in some real problems. listen, that group of people are ready to undergo discrimination and isolation. >> bill: we have a slippery slope. >> no, don't talk over it, bill. >> bill: i'm not talking over it. >> people are persecuted already and you have dr. ablow telling people if your kid sees one in a manner that's akin to se celebration, your kid may wind up being one of them. >> bill: you don't know they're transgendered people. it's a good discussion and we'll continue and we'll have ablow.
5:42 pm
let's get ablow on, too. i have to get to the alberta, canada, woman. now, she gives birth. 19 years old. takes the newborn baby and throws him over a fence. >> strangles it with her own underwear and then throws him out like a piece of garbage over the fence. >> bill: the judge gives this woman what? >> no time. she was convicted twice. not once, twice by two different juries of second degree murder and then the appeals court in canada threw the conviction out as though it had never been handed down. why? not because there was an error of law. because the rogue gods on the appeals court said the jury was unreasonable. she's sorry and so she doesn't deserve a second-degree murder conviction. she deserves to be convicted of infantcide which in canada is open season on babies. if you can prove that you're disturbed by giving birth and
5:43 pm
your last hating as any new mother is, what's the sentence for that? only one person in canada's history has ever gotten jail time for infantcide. she got nothing. suspended sentence and community service and has to get some counseling. that's it! let me just point out, in canada, there's no abortion restrictions. she could have had an abortion. there's no problem getting an abortion in canada. instead, this 19-year-old, not a little girl who doesn't know what she's doing. murdered her child and now she got to do a little community service. >> bill: that's why we fight so hard here for the rights of newborn and no other media does. nobody. thank you very much, megyn. the great american news quiz on deck. another presidential edition, they're always fun. and a marine receives a medal of honor. his story will make you proud up ahead.
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>> bill: the great american news quiz, the democratic presidential edition, some great questions for you this evening. here now, quiz kid themselves megan mcdowell in for steve doocy and representing paulette from mississippi. martha maccallum playing for wallace krump from washington. if you'd like to sign up for some nifty prizes go to billo' you're a southern lady, right? where are you from? >> virginia. mississippi, a little far south. you could be in the southern states. >> yeah. >> bill: you know off camera, she talks like this. >> yes, she talks like -- >> bill: yeah, talks like a jersey girl. question number one, john f. kennedy became a hero in world war ii when a boat he commandeered was sunk by a
5:48 pm
japanese destroyer. while he was in office, hollywood made a movie about the incident. what actor played j.f.k. in that movie? a, carrie grant. c, steve mcqueen. and the answer is roll tape. >> i'm sorry, i'm afraid i used all that to get down here. you negotiated your way out here? >> that's right. >> you could have fixed to go the wrong way? >> right. >> they're fighting out here! >> bill: the late chris robin n robinson, c is the answer. he passed away last week. question number 2, democrat president harry truman won re-election in 1948 in one of the most shocking upsets in american history. >> all the election signs point to a dewy triumph. president truman votes in his hometown, independence, missouri. he has been campaigning against heavy odds, the close election
5:49 pm
and it becomes evident that victory is there for president truman. >> bill: which newspaper screwed up by prematurely printing the famous headline, dewy defeats truman. which newspaper screwed up? and that is correct, ladies! the chicago tribune. dewy lost because of his mustache? and number two, i actually have that newspaper in my office. he hasn't come up and taken a look at it. >> thank you so much! >> bill: look at that. we'll be up soon. question number 3, barack obama was elected in november 2008. >> is anyone out there who still doubts that america is a place where all things are possible? the power of our democracy. tonight is your answer. >> bill: now, mr. obama became
5:50 pm
the 15th president from the democratic party. who was the first? a, andrew jackson. b, martin van burren, c john tyler and d, millard fillmore. you went with van burren. do you even know who? >> he was shortly after that. >> bill: yes, he was. he was jackson's vice president. he was the next president. >> that's right. >> bill: can i educate these ladies? >> oh, please. >> bill: came from martin van burren, did you know that, the term ok? because he kissed jackson's butt, everything jackson said he went that's right, general. and his nickname was old kinder hook van buren. thank you very much. some conservatives still mad at democratic president woodrow wilson. >> talk to anybody about woodrow wilson, he's neutral at worst. the guy was a racist monster.
5:51 pm
>> bill: woodrow wilson a monster. >> he was! >> bill: ok. wilson's second term was trying to get the u.s.a. to join what international organization? a, league of nations. b, united nations. c, nato. d, world trade organization. what did wilson want? the answer is league of nations. mcdowell wins! you meant it. >> no, i did. >> bill: should we give it to her? >> i put the wrong one. >> bill: nail polish blinded her! we'll give you that one weechl give you. maccallum is an honest person. one to go. don't panic! you're up by one with one to go. >> when i come back, i expect -- all right? >> bill: question number 5 lyndon johnson became president after j.f.k.'s assassination. >> an assassin's bullet has thrust upon me the awesome burden of the presidency. i am here today to say i need your help.
5:52 pm
>> bill: became one of only four men in u.s. history to have serve as a congressman, senator, vice president and president. who is the only other person in the 20th century to accomplish this? a, george bush the elderly. b, richard nixon. c, gerald ford, d, harry truman. the answer is richard nixon. awww! all right. now you win again. little smug, mcdowell there. >> i'm smug? i'm sitting in doocy's seat, what do you expect? i have cooties. >> bill: you win. we'll send her nice stuff as well. a pleasure, ladies. back with pinheads and patriots ahead. a medal of honor winner. we hope you stick around for this incredible story. ♪
5:53 pm
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watch this. on one hand, you have your home insurance with one company. and on another hand, you have your auto with another. and on another hand, you have your life with another. but when you bundle them l together with nationwide insurance, they all work together perfectly and you could save 25%. wow... it's all in the wrists. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ >> bill: starring medal of honor winner in a moment. >> if you sign up or renew you will get one of these three spends, you maybe the call. great deal but it ends monday. and the mail: >> bill: i appreciate that
5:56 pm
frank. signed copy of pinheads and patriots the paperback on its way for your loyalty. >> bill: herman cain wants a bigger tax that i do it is called fair tax. congress regulates spending not mr. obama. >> bill: they know the american workers are bleeding in congress some don't care. >> bill: again congress regulas the tax rate i support a small national sales tax only if the rates come down. it is a collection issue. >> bill: i can't win on this.
5:57 pm
>> bill: of all ages jerome. miller tones down his act when he's with me. and i'm always g-rated. so your daughter will be fine. by the way some vip deluxe seats remain. we have good seats for all three shows available. i'll do a book signing before the show. details about all of this on bill no, i dress myself and chew gum at the same time. >> bill: he's a lucky little guy, congratulations to you. >> every kid in america should read my new book "killing
5:58 pm
lincoln." you have to know what a great president is and what mr. lincoln sacrificed for his country so i'm sending you an advanced sign copy. >> finally pinheads and patriots 23-year-old dakota meyer today received the medal of honor from president obama. his story is incredible. he saved 13 marines and army soldiers, another 23 afghan soldiers who were pinned down in eastern afghanistan. he was wounded but his heroism continued. if you have a chance you can read about the battle in today's "wall street journal" on the opinion page. i recommend you do that. sergeant meyer of course is a patriot. >> want to update you on our wounded warri auction. the hi bid is $46,000. the item is unique. as we've never seen another document signed by these five men. we know most americans can't afford the original if you
5:59 pm
donate $25 or more they will send you a facsimile of the document. check out the whole deal, including making a bid for the authentic document on bill o' we'll give you the results in 10 days that is it for us. check out the fox news with website. name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, when writing us to, do not be mawkish. i am bill o'reilly remember the spin stops right here. because we are definitely because we are definitely looking out for you. closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc >> sean: if you details on the scandal that threatens to implicate a number of obama
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